Request to Increase Contribution

To increase your contribution to the Deferred Compensation Plan, complete the following:

  Section 1- Enter personal identifying information.
  Section 2- Select deferral type (457b Pre- Tax or 457b Roth)
  Section 3- Enter desired investment change
  After completing Sections 1 through 3, click the “Submit by Email” button to send your request to the Bureau of Deferred Compensation.
Contact the Bureau of Deferred Compensation at 877-299-8002 for assistance with this form.

Section 1 - Enter name exactly as reported to your payroll office
Name (First MI Last):  
SSN:      Best Contact Phone Number:   Extension:
Pay Period:  
Section 2 - Select Deferral Type
  The Florida Deferred Compensation Plan allows 457b Roth and 457b Pre-Tax Payroll Contributions. For more information about Roth 457b Payroll Contributions please visit  

  Please select which type of deferral you would like to increase:

To increase more than one deferral type (457b Roth and 457b Pre- tax) please complete and submit this form for each deferral type.
Section 3 - Enter desired investment change
I would like my contributions to increase now by $ or % per pay period. This amount will be added to your current contribution amount.
  You will receive a copy of your submission by email. Please note we may need to contact you by phone or email in order to complete the processing of the request.